The AI4Health Summer School is an international event that
will be held in English.

July 3rd to 7th at PariSanté Campus for on-site participants
July 3rd to 5th online for people participating remotely

Useful Information


  • The event will take place in PariSanté Campus, 2-10 Rue d’Oradour-sur-Glane, 75015 Paris
  • Registration desks will be located at the entrance of the hall
  • The program with the names of the rooms where the sessions will take place will be distributed on site
  • Poster sessions and catering will take place in the main Hall
Getting to PariSanté Campus
  • Paris can be reached by train or plane.
    Airports: Paris, Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Paris Orly (ORY).
  • The closest public transport stations are:
    • M12 – Porte de Versailles
    • M8 – Balard
    • T2 – Porte d’Issy
    • Bus line 39 / 169 – Porte d’Issy
  • Plan your route with Google Maps


Introductory Keynotes: 1h plenary conference on AI related topics.
Courses: plenary 2 to 3h lectures on a specific AI topic,starting from scratch with really simple notions regarding the topic, to finally reach a nearly state of the art approach at the end of the class with lots of insights on applications to health issues.
Use cases: plenary 1h lectures on practical subjects of AI applied to health: from idea to deployment.
Practical sessions: 2 x 3 hours course with coding sessions (in groups of 20-25 on-site participants) around AI algorithms and health data.

Please note that for each plenary lecture, a replay will be made available shortly after the end of the lecture.

Who can apply

The school is aimed at students (first/second year masters, PhD), post-docs, academics, members of public institutions, and professionals.
For on-site participants, basic knowledge in machine learning (using Python or any other language) is required as this is necessary to attend the practical sessions.

Poster abstract guidelines

Poster Session

AI4Health offers on-site participants the opportunity to submit poster abstracts during the registration process. These will be reviewed by the AI4Health scientific committee. Let us point out that submitting a poster is not required to register on-site, however it is encouraged.

The abstract cannot be longer than 350 words (excluding authors and affiliations). All abstracts must include a title, a full list of authors and affiliations.

You may submit your abstract until the on-site registration closes, on May 8th, 2023. The selection committee will then review all applications. If your application to participate on site is accepted and if your abstract is selected, you will be able to present and discuss your work in a poster session with other on-site participants and experts. You will be required to print your poster (A0 in portrait orientation) and bring it on-site the day before the poster session.

A prize of 500€ will be given to the best poster chosen by the AI4Health scientific committee.

Please note that you cannot apply for the poster session if you register to participate remotely.

Past AI4H schools
Discover the speakers who gave plenary lectures in 2022.

Ran Balicer (Israel)

“Using health data and AI to drive healthcare transformation in practice”

Yoshua Bengio (Canada)

“AI for Drug Discovery”

I. Glenn Cohen (USA)

“AI/ML in medicine: Legal and Ethical Issues”

Ninon Burgos (France)

“Introduction to deep learning with medical imaging: from convolution to self-supervised learning”

Wendy W. Chapman (Australia)

“Looking under the hood of the Ferrari: how can we extract information from clinical notes?”

Finale Doshi-Velez (USA)

“Interpretability in Healthcare: Toward Human-based Validation and Agency”

Stanley Durrleman (France)

“Modeling and predicting disease progression with longitudinal data”

Julia Schnabel (Germany, UK)

“AI-enabled medical imaging”