Register to AI4health Summer School

The AI4Health summer school offers a unique opportunity for students, academics and professionals from all over the world to:

  • Benefit from excellent teaching provided by researchers and professionals from around the world
  • Meet experts in the field of AI in health
  • Deepen their knowledge in AI applied to health

Develop an international professional and scientific network, etc.

The Registration Process

During the application process, you will be asked to choose between two options:

  • in-person participation: at PariSanté Campus in Paris (up to 140 people), access to the 5 days of the event (plenary lectures + practical sessions)
  • remote participation: access to the first 3 days only (plenary lectures only)

Applications for remote participation

Remote participation will not be subjected to a selection process. When registering for the event, you will be able to pay by credit card or bank transfer. Please note that invoices will not be reissued afterwards and that the correct billing information must be entered upon payment.

Registration for remote participation will close on June 19th 2023.

Applications for on site participation

If you apply to participate on site, you will be asked to submit basic details about yourself, your CV, and explain your motivation for attending. You will also be able to submit an abstract to present your work during a poster session (abstract submission is optional but will increase the chance of your application being selected).
On-site participants are required to have basic knowledge in machine learning (Python or any other language). Indeed, this will be necessary to attend the practical sessions.

On-site registration will close on May 8th 2023. The selection committee will then review all applications. On May 19th, you will receive the status of your application. 3 options may result:

  • Your application is selected, you will then receive a payment link via email, with a 15-day deadline to complete the payment (until June 4th). If the payment is not received within this deadline, your application will be rejected in favour of another application on the waiting list.
  • Your application is on the waiting list. You will be invited to wait until June 4th to know if you can register to attend the event on-site. If not, you will then be able to register to participate remotely to the first 3 days of the Summer School
  • Your application to participate on-site is declined, you will still be able to register to the event to attend the first three-days plenary sessions remotely.

Please note that invoices will not be reissued afterwards and that the correct billing information must be entered upon payment.

Once the payment is processed, we will ask you to prioritise your choice between the different practical sessions. You will be able to choose two different practical sessions out of seven: one on Thursday and another on Friday. We will try our best to ensure that each participant attends at least one of his/her preferred (top 2) practical sessions.

Registration fees

Registration fees include access to all sessions (plenary lectures and practical sessions) for on site participants, and access to plenary lectures for people participating remotely. People participating remotely will be able to access live video streaming, and all participants will be able to access replays, through a password sent after registration.
On site registration fees also include lunches and coffee breaks for the whole event, a cocktail dinner on Wednesday 5th July, a poster session, and a networking session with the event’s sponsors.

Please contact us if you have any questions


April 5th: Registration opening

May 8th: Registration closing for the on-site participation

May 9th – 19th: Reviewing of the on-site applications

May 15th: On-site applications will receive the status of their application (accepted, on waiting list, declined)

May 15th – May 29th: Successful applicants deadline for the on-site registration payment

May 29th: Update on the waiting list, successful applicants will receive their payment links, other applicants will receive a link to register online

May 29th – June 12th: Deadline for the on-site registration payment

June 12th: Onsite registration closing

June 19th: Online registration closing